The Pros and Cons Of Wooden Shingles

Hello and welcome back to our ongoing series about what roof type is right for you! Today, we will be talking about wooden shingles and why they could be a great choice to add to your home. Like anything else, one type of roof isn’t the answer for everyone’s budget or house. Luckily, your local roofer in Dallas can often help you decide what is best when you request a quote, it is great to do some research yourself. This is why we are here to give you a list of pros and cons to know what roofs are like going into a conversation with Orlando Group. 

Wooden shingles have been a tried and tested material type for thousands of years. It gives a nice homely feel to your house and it looks great on almost any home! It also has the ability to be painted and stained in a wide variety of ways so that you can give your home a custom look that will continue to impress for years and years to come.



Wooden shingles are relatively low cost because they can be produced quickly and efficiently without a lot of manufacturing time. It gives you a great look at an affordable price that will free up money for other home projects that you may be doing soon.


The look of a wooden roof is why many people decide to go for them above all other roof types. It gives your home an old-timey feel while still remaining modern. They also can be painted and stained in a large variety of ways so you don’t have to be stuck with the color that you choose when it is installed. After all, when you want to redo the look of your house, you shouldn’t have to break the bank to do so. 


Wooden shingles are one of the most energy-efficient home improvements that you can add to your house. During the summer it reflects the heat from the sun away from your house. During the winter, it retains the heat. Even though it doesn’t get too cold here in Dallas, you can rest assured that if we ever get a cold snap that you won’t be paying more for heat. 


Wooden shingles have been used for thousands of years because they have stood the test of time. When it comes to any terrible weather including hail and high winds, a wooden shingled roof is one of your best bets when it comes to protecting your house. 



This depends on how you treat your roof, but if you don’t stain or paint the wooden shingles, you may end up getting a bug infestation that will over time result in a complete replacement. These shingles can be the perfect home for little insects because it will protect them from the elements. They can even go unnoticed for years and spread from shingle to shingle causing you to have to do a complete roof replacement. 


If you live in an area of Dallas where you have a lot of rainfall, this can cause issues with your roof. Mold, mildew, and rot can cause a lot of issues for your roof. If one shingle ends up getting infected, then it will eventually spread if not replaced as soon as possible. If your shingles are stained or painted properly then you won’t have to worry about it spreading as quickly, but it is still completely possible.


While a roof is one of the parts of your home that is extremely valuable and should be checked on regularly, it is not something that you should be having to check after every single storm. Without regular maintenance done to the roof can you run into all of the issues above and more. The cost of maintenance will end up eventually offsetting how inexpensive the original cost of the roof was pretty quickly.

Find Out If A Wooden Roof Is Right For You

A wooden roof isn’t for every house and isn’t for everyone, but if you have weighed the pros and cons of this roof type, then you know that your local roofer in Dallas has you covered. Orlando Group will give you a quote for your wooden roof or any roof type that you know you can trust. Contact us today!