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Tree that's fallen on a houseHere in our region, we get our share of nasty weather. Every season brings its own challenges, from winter ice storms to summer hail and high winds. The damage these storms can cause to property can be extensive.

The Orlando Group is no stranger to the kind of storms that frequently batter Texas and Oklahoma. We’ve been serving the roofing and repair needs of businesses and homeowners in this region since 1979. When your commercial property or home is damaged by wind, hail, lightning, ice, or flying debris, make the call to the Orlando Group. We are the “go-to” company for all storm damage repairs.

Commercial properties and residential properties alike benefit from our comprehensive storm damage repair and restoration services. Our experienced crews respond quickly to emergency situations, making immediate repairs to minimize additional damage. Our goal is to keep your family and property safe through the storm.

Orlando Group is a certified StormSeal installer. StormSeal is a vacuum seal temporary roof cover that will allow you the time needed to keep your assets protected until your claim can be resolved.

When conditions calm down, we return to conduct a thorough inspection of all affected areas, complete a written report, and document the damage for insurance purposes. Our first priority is always repairing your property properly.  Orlando Group specializes in getting your property restored to the “pre-storm” condition. Our services experts work with premium quality products and materials to make sure the repairs we make will deliver long-term value and service.

Our repairs are not limited to just roofing. We can repair windows, gutters, fences, garage doors, and everything damaged in your claim.

When a storm strikes and damages your property, don’t wait! Call Orlando Group for quality, professional repairs, and rapid service.

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Call Orlando Group today to schedule your next storm damage repairs by the leading roofing contractor for quality, professional repairs, and rapid service. You’ll rest easier knowing your largest investment is safe from inclement weather.