Is Flat Roof Repair Worth It?

Welcome back to the Orlando Group blog. Today, we will be talking about flat roof repair! Flat roofs are one of the most common forms of roofing in the United States. This roof option is popular for many commercial buildings because it can cut costs when it comes to the square footage of roof that is on top of these buildings. Sometimes they will be located on some residential houses, in which case they will just be a small portion of the house rather than the entire roof being covered in a flat surface. 

While a flat roof usually doesn’t last as long as a regular slanted roof, it can be great for homeowners simply because minor repairs and leaks can be repaired with ease. While it can be easy for repair, never forget that Orlando Group has you covered for all of your local roofer needs in Dallas. Contact us for any issues that you have!

Locate The Leak

This may sound easier than it actually is because water can travel quite far underneath the flat roof material before it can find a seam where it will enter. The first thing that you should do is locate and measure the leak on the underside of the roof before you actually go up top to look for the leak. Doing so will help you narrow down where the potential point where it could be. If it is not where you exactly measured than you can follow the slight slope to figure out where it may have come in at. 

When looking for the leak make sure to look for rips, bubbles, or worn spots that may have caused this leak. If you see a bubble or a worn spot it may seem like it is still holding together, but it usually is not. These locations could have extremely small holes that you can’t see, so make sure to repair these spots as well.

After Locating The Leak

Once you locate the leak, we recommend that you contact your local roofer in Dallas. It may seem like an easy enough repair, but you also may be under warranty. If this is the case, then you can just sit back and let them do all the work. If it was under warranty but you decided to repair it yourself, you could potentially void that warranty, which will lead to more costly repairs in the future. Having your local roofer repair it will be far more cost-efficient and easier for you in the long run. 

If you do decide to repair it yourself, you will need to get a few items from your local hardware store. There are quite few tools involved in the process, but usually, you can get a roof repair kit that comes with everything that you need to begin. This should come with thorough instructions on how to repair the leak by yourself.

Roof Repair Versus Replacement

Once you have noticed a leak, it can often cause a lot of headaches. Even if you do patch the roof up, you will more than likely need to do a complete replacement within six months to a year following the leak. This is because when you repair your roof, the structure of the material that was put down on the roof can end up being a lot less effective than before it was repaired. This will cause it to tear easier and easier until you get a full replacement. 

It is also recommended that if the place that is causing the leak is too big (bigger than your hand) then you may want to go ahead and replace it as it can cause a lot more issues than it is worth. While it may seem better to do it all yourself, it can sometimes be easier to simply replace it. Before you found the leak, the water could have been doing structural damage to your roof that will lead to bigger issues in the future.

Flat Roofing At It’s Best

You don’t wont to wait when it comes to leaks through your roof so for all of your flat roofing needs, contact us today! Your local roofers in Dallas can help you repair or replace your roof in no time at all. Call us and we will give you a quote and get to work on your roof as soon as possible.