Let Orlando Group restore your next roof project

The investment you have in your roofing assets can be considerable. Getting as many years as possible from a commercial roofing system can help spread the depreciation of this asset over an extended period. That’s why many customers for commercial roofing turn to Orlando Group for roof restoration services.


All roofs have an expected life cycle. As a roof age, its integrity can be maintained with proper care and maintenance programs. However, at some point, every roof runs out of time and poses the threat of failure. When your roof reaches this critical point, Orlando Group can help you decide if re-roofing is required, or if we might extend the life of the roof by restoring it.

Roof restoration involves a thorough assessment of the roof’s condition, including the evaluation of all components – roof deck, covering, flashing, drains, vents, etc. If the basic structural integrity of the roof is sound, in many cases Orlando Group can replace or repair worn areas and components to renew and reinvigorate the roofing system. This gives you a few more years of service life without the cost of an entirely new roof.

In many cases, Orlando Group can extend the roof system with manufacturer warranties up to 30 years coverage for workmanship and materials.

The time to evaluate the potential of your roof for restoration is not when it fails. Having Orlando Group inspect your roof on an annual basis will determine when restoration may be needed. Call us today to set up an initial inspection and set regularly scheduled inspections in order to protect your roofing assets.

Get An Estimate On Your Next Roofing Project

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