Residential & Commercial Roof Repair in Dallas

When your roofing system suffers damage from storms, debris, and other problems, it requires immediate repairs. At Orlando Group we have more than 30 years of experience in the repair of commercial roofing systems in our service areas, and can often extend the lifespan of a roof with our high-quality repairs.

When you hire Orlando Group to repair your commercial property’s roof, you’ll be getting the benefit of top-notch materials of GAF and Firestone as well as the expertise of our factory-trained staff. Each repair we perform is backed by both our own workmanship guarantee and the warranties offered by our manufacturers. Your roof will be protected long after we leave you property.

Whether your roof incurs damage from a storm, a falling tree, or just general aging, Orlando Group has the skills necessary to find and repair all types of damage. Unlike some roofing companies who assess damage from the ground level, we will climb up onto your roof to fully inspect every aspect of your roofing system. The trained eyes of our roofing contractors will spot even the slightest sign of damage, and we will act quickly to both fix current damage and prevent future damage.

At Orlando Group we have an expertise in a wide variety of roofing types, and that expertise is not just limited to installation techniques. We know what it takes to perform lasting roof repairs on every style of roofing that we install. Just another reason we are a leading choice for roofing in Dallas.

Give us a call or request a quote to learn more about the Orlando Group and our superior roof repair service.